Kids Travelling

It does not matter where he goes: the beach, mountains, or even Grandma's house in central anyone who has known before the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. We welcome talk of a family vacation, an adventure that you absolutely must have the patience of each test.

However, traveling with children will be a pleasant experience. All it takes is careful planning, a little luck and a bag of tricks. Before you know, "Are We There Yet? Or questions like" What can I do, I'm bored? Will be a thing of the past.

If you are preparing for a trip by car, plane, train or bus, you must mentally in each section of the adventure on foot before it begin. What we must do to win: for example, also problems with the packaging of the car for a trip to the beach will start with a few simple questions and logical? Who is responsible for ensuring that these items are packed really? Once these decisions are taken, you can use on the really important things, like how we keep the children happy and cheerful during a long drive.

Keep these tips in mind when you travel with children:

  • Pack lots of snacks. Many books and magazine articles that tell parents you need to make fresh fruit. However, if your children do not eat fresh fruit on the kitchen table, makes you think they will wrap the bag of grapes in the back seat of the car? Ask your children what they would like to bring snacks. Of course, parents' opinions are used here, especially when a child for anything other than junk food requested. Depending on the length of the trip, some M & M's, mixed perhaps not a bad idea with some trail mix.
  • Create a personalized art kit. You know your child better than anyone. Why, then, to say the books, parents continue to hang on to talk about what junior busy? They say things like, "hold pencils, coloring books and paper to me for hours." Nonsense. If Junior is not a fan of coloring, it will not be interested in the new box of crayons. Instead, create a custom art kit. Take a shoebox and fill it with things your child likes to do. If it pencils, that's fine. But if they prefer colored pencils, or markers of these scented magic, use this instead. Add to that a pair of safety scissors, glue stick, a few old magazines and a small notebook, and now your child has everything they need to make an album.
  •  Books on tape or CD can be a real lifesaver, especially for long trips. Take your children with you in the bookstore and let them help you make your choice. Or visit your local library, where they borrow the words free. Sometimes, listening to a tape for only 15 or 20 minutes to an hour is better than trying to force everyone to hear for an hour or more. Stop the tape after 15 minutes, and then ask children to write or draw what they heard. It will forward to something, as they await the next episode of history.
  •  Take time to plan your adventure and you will soon discover that traveling with kids can be a rewarding experience!


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