Minimum Requirements For Hiking

Length and Temperature

The length of your perspective hike as well as the temperature will dictate a lot of the requirements you need to fulfill to make your hike not only safe, but enjoyable. Make sue you carry enough water with you to replace the fluids you are losing as you hike, so on hotter days pack more water. A good rule of thumb would be to pack 1oz of water for every pound of body weight for hikes that would take you 5-7 miles at approximately 80-88 degrees Fahrenheit. Use this general rule to pack more or less water depending on length and temp. It is a good idea to drink some water before heading out and to leave some in your car or base camp for when you return to reduce you load while hiking


Try to eat a variety of complex carbs 2 or more hours before hiking for sustained energy. Good sources of sustained carbs include oatmeal, brown rice, and the like. Eat fruits 1 hour or closer to the time of hiking for good sources of vitamins as well as quicker burning carbs for instant energy. It would be a good idea to take apples or some other fruit that does not spoil in the heat and eat them during a break for sustained energy. Protein is important for muscle regeneration after a long day of hiking so make sure to include that in your post hike as well as pre-hike rituals. You want to take high energy items that are light and easy to carry without refrigeration.


With all the talk of electrolytes these days it is easy to get into drinking sports drinks and overloading on sugars that are associated with them, Salty items that digest a little slower would be of benefit, such as trail mix and beef jerky, as the salt in these items will help retain water. You can also buy vitamin packs that will help you sustain your energy as you hike which include electrolytes and can be mixed with water.

Lowering Weight

To lower weight on longer hikes dried fruit as well as a water purifier would be worth looking into, however if you are going on a new hike or are in warmer climates and are not sure of the water supply in the area always pack more water then you think you need. Better to carry a couple extra pounds then to die of dehydration.

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